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Penalties for multiple driving under the influence convictions

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | blog, DWI

The Drunk Driving Program (DDP) in New York is also called the Impaired Driving Program (IDP). The most recent changes to the program took place in November of 2012. Many of the changes target motorists with more than one incident of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

License revocation

The Impaired Driving Program set sets forth several regulations regarding drivers that govern the ability of motorists to reapply for a driver’s license after a revocation due to DUI. Individuals who have been convicted three or more times within 25 years for driving under the influence will need to wait two years following a revocation before they can reapply for a driver’s license. This provision covers drivers whose license revocations did not involve driving under the influence, and future licenses will include restrictions that reflect their past problems.

Motorists who incur three or more convictions of driving under the influence and have had their licenses revoked for alcohol or drug-related incidents will face a five-year revocation period. Driver restrictions also increase to five years. Motorists who have been convicted three or more times of driving under the influence who become involved in serious accidents while behind the wheel face the possibility of a permanent driver’s license ban. A driver’s license can be obtained again by these motorists when extenuating circumstances exist.

Drivers with five or more DUI convictions may face a lifetime driver’s license ban. These individuals may receive future licenses if they are able to compel the court through the presence of unusual or extenuating circumstances. Motorists with two or more DUI convictions must serve their complete suspension or revocation and provide proof of rehabilitation before the lifting of sanctions can happen.

People who are arrested for suspicion of DUI or DWI face serious consequences in both the short and long term. A defendant will need a strong defense to protect his or her rights in court and avoid the potential damage to his or her life. Individuals who need to defend themselves against allegations of driving under the influence may benefit from working with a criminal offense attorney.