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Handling DWI charges as a parent

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | DWI

Drunk driving charges can make life incredibly tough for people in a variety of positions, whether the charges interfere with their job or lead to time behind bars and a shattered reputation. For some people, such as parents, these allegations can be especially damaging. For example, a parent’s relationship with his or her child may suffer as a result of DWI charges in different ways. Sometimes, a child may be upset with their parent, while other relationships suffer because a parent is sentenced to prison and misses out on part of their child’s life.

There are other serious considerations for some parents who are facing DWI charges, such as those who are going through a dispute involving the custody of their children. Drunk driving charges can adversely affect a parent’s custody case and may lead to a less favorable arrangement. Moreover, drunk driving charges can be incredibly stressful, which can be particularly challenging for parents who may already be facing high levels of stress due to raising their children.

There are other issues related to DWI and parents, such as parents who are accused of driving drunk with their child in the vehicle, which can be especially devastating. If you are a parent and have been charged with DWI, it is pivotal for you to know what your legal options are and make sure that you handle these charges correctly. Our DWI page has more related to some of the consequences that parents who are charged with driving while intoxicated may face.