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Man appears in court, accused of embezzling $1.2 million

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2018 | White Collar Crime

When business owners hire employees and entrust them with important responsibilities, they rely on their employees to have integrity and to follow procedures that have been designed to protect the assets of their organization. However, there are plenty of unfortunate circumstances in New York when companies have to face the unsettling reality that their employees have been dishonest in order to make personal gains.

An example of one such case involves a volunteer treasurer of a merchant seaman organization in Long Beach, California who is accused of embezzling a stunning $1.2 million dollars while in a position of trust. During that same time, he was also the volunteer treasurer of a youth soccer league in Anaheim. As a legally certified accountant, the man appeared to be trustworthy and dependable when he was hired as a financial reporting controls officer. However, when money began mysteriously disappearing, the man was questioned about his involvement. None of the funds have been recovered and an estimated loss of over $1 million has resulted in forgery and grand theft auto charges for the man. Investigations revealed that he sent some of the money to other people living in Central America, presumably family and friends. If convicted, he could face up to 130 years in prison.

If people have been the victims of white collar crime, they may wish to enlist the help of an attorney. Legal professionals have the resources to gather evidence in preparation for a trial to give the victim the best possible chance at being awarded compensation to recover what was lost.